This year's speakers are leaders in housing and workforce issues.

7:00 Check-in and breakfast

7:30 Welcome and introductions

7:50 “Protecting Schools and Public Places with New Technology” - Jason Giddings, Rhino Hide

8:25 “The State of Economy and Labor in Bonner and Boundary Counties” - Sam Wolkenhauser, Idaho Department of Labor

9:00 “The Rural Economy Impact on Housing and Labor” - Paul Lewin, Rural Economist University of Idaho Extension

9:35 Break

10:00 Housing Issues and Solutions

Aaron Qualls, City of Sandpoint

Chris Bassett, Bonner County Housing Authority

Dr. Jim Haynes, Realm Partners, Realtor

Cory Phelps, Idaho Housing and Finance

11:45 “The Partnership Between Labor and Housing'“ - Director Melinda Smyser, Department of Labor

12:45 Labor Solutions

Wendi Sechrist, Idaho Workforce Development Council

John Russ, Building Labor through Apprenticeships

1:35 “The Value of High-Speed Internet” - TING Internet

2:00 “Restoring the Commercial Kitchen” - Paul Kusche, Kitchen Ponderay

2:15 “Why Sandpoint?” - Andrea Marcoccio & Kennden Culp, Matchwood Brewing

2:45 Closing and invitation to Open House at Matchwood Brewing